That Pot Life

We wanted to make t-shirts that say something without saying much at all.

So, we decided to take the bodies out of the picture and let you decide what and who you see. It’s an opportunity to understand how we view the world a little bit better.  It’s an opportunity to help us change our unknown biases.  It’s an opportunity to connect and find the things that make us similarly different.  These shirts aren’t about weed (unless you want them to be), we just wanted to show you might share something in common with who you least expected.

Every shirt is hand made with eco-friendly ink on Bella+Canvas tees and each t-shirt is numbered on the inside with xxx/150 – making every shirt its own unique piece of art.

5% of all proceeds go to charitable organizations that help bring us together. Currently, we’re helping the Ukraine and Haiti in their fight to provide peace and love for their people.